We are a team of designers, web developers and social media experts who started working together to help startups and local businesses be successful. We are providing a large variety of services including Social Media Management, Branding, Web Development, eCommerce and Email Marketing. Everything you need to help your business grow.

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management packages offer you everything you need – from content creation, gaining new followers, reaching more people to engaging with them and driving traffic to your website.

If you only need one of these benefits please get in touch. I will create a strategy based on your requirements. The price starts from £50 per social media network for daily tweets/posts and can go up to £250 for full social media management. I will offer a discount for multiple networks.

I provide Social media management for Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ & YouTube.

Content Creation & Content Curation

I will create and curate content that is relevant to your business or organisation and tell your story in the way that your audience wants to hear. We produce the content you need for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+. This includes written content, edited images, infographics, slideshows and more. The content will always be relevant to your audience.

Grow Followers

Social media is essential to increase the visibility of your brand. I will work smart to help you gain new followers and promote the best content at the right time to achieve results. Your followers will be people and businesses that are relevant to your business, like potential customers, partners, suppliers and people that can promote your business to other people.

Increase Engagement & Brand Awareness

Engagement is important to build relations, make your brand known and build trust. I will use the right content to inspire people to take action – click, like, retweet or share the social media posts I write for you. People are more likely to buy from you after you gained their confidence and my social media management strategy will focus on this.

Drive Traffic to Your Website

Used correctly, social media will drive traffic to your website and influence sales. This can be achieved from free campaigns as well as social advertising.

Web design & eCommerce

I partnered with some of the best experts to offer you want you need to take your business to a new level.

If you don’t have a website (or it’s too old) and need one we would be happy to do it for you. Or maybe you need one where you can incorporate a blog too… Whatever you need, we can do it.

We are not charging an arm and a leg. I assure that it’s cheaper than paying an employee to do this for you. We will create you a beautiful looking website that will become your best marketing tool to promote your brand and attract customers.

Do you already have a website and a fantastic product but the sells don’t go too well? You need an online shop. We use the best UK e-commerce platform for this.

The price starts from as little as £100 and can go up to £2000 or more depending on the number of pages and type of content required to be created and uploaded.

Corporate Identity & Branding

If you want your brand to be remembered you need outstanding corporate identity well defined online and offline.

We can help you with logo creation, business cards, flyers, brochures and any other type of marketing material that you need. I work with a team of fantastic designers with many years of experience and I trust them to offer you a great service and a final product that will open the doors to many new customers.

Need help with Email Marketing?

You can work with us regularly to create and send your weekly newsletter or to develop your automated workflow of newsletters to be sent to every new subscriber.

How to get in touch

Send me an email with your requirements, as well as details about your business or organisation and I will get back to you shortly.