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Marketing has arguably experienced the greatest noticeable shift in its entire history, and Snapchat and Instagram are highly to blame. Today’s successful marketing is all about storytelling. It’s no longer about the products or solutions you’re selling, or all the bells and whistles your product provides that no other company can top. What makes memorable brands is the way they weave themselves into consumers’ lives and make themselves relatable and relevant. Truth be told, marketing through storytelling is nothing new. But it’s where this storytelling is now taking place that’s having the biggest impact on brand success. What is Branded […]

SnapChat and Instagram: The Transformation of Brand Marketing into Social ...

Being organized in your marketing efforts is one of the keys to success in every business – so if you are not managing your social media profiles using a social media management tool and still doing everything manually, you are missing a lot! Tons of social media management tools exist nowadays to help you with your daily marketing tasks. From planning, to sourcing great images, to scheduling and analytics, certain tools excel among the rest. Below are the top 12 social media management tools you can check out to help you with your marketing campaigns, presented by Andrew Kunesh, a […]

12 Best Tools for Social Media Management in 2018

Run an e-commerce website, but find it a challenge to reach a wider audience? It’s often the case that an amazing site, with fantastic services and products, will struggle to break through the glass ceiling and make it big in the online sphere. If you’re looking to improve your brand identity, there are a series of steps you can take to raise awareness. Some of the most effective can be found in this detailed guide. If you’re looking to make the most of your target audience, be sure to follow the advice we give here. Social Media Social media isn’t […]

How to Improve your Brand Identity in e-Commerce

A brand is more than words. It’s more than a tagline, a unique and personable voice, and a consistent style. A brand is also visual. Images, colours, and even your font, all play a role in how your audience perceives you. Humans are visual beings. We often create an impression in our mind of a company based only on the visuals. Before your prospect reads a single word, they may have created a definition of who you are and what you’re about. They’ve started the decision-making process. This means that the visual elements of your brand not only need to […]

5 Visual Components to Make Customers Remember You

One of the most important things you need to do in order to have a successful business is to create a brand around your name or your product. To come with the best name and logo, think about the physical representation of your business, but also the feeling that develops in people when talking about or thinking about your business. Your brand should always reflect what your audience thinks, says, and feels about your products or your services. If you can remember that your brand is, really, all about your audience, and how you want them to feel, it’ll be […]

10 Steps to Successful Branding

My Digital Marketing Blog reached the final of UK Blog Awards 2018 for the ‘PR, Media, Marketing and Communications’ category. Out of the 4,000 entries and nominations that we’ve had – you are one of only 6 or 8 bloggers (depending on the category) to have got through” said the organisers in the email they sent it to me on the first day of January 2018. Wow, this is insane. With such a competition I am proud to be in the final.   UK Blog Awards 2018 Judging criteria Thank you to everyone who believed in my blog and voted for me. […]

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The Digital Marketing world is constantly changing and the main trend of 2018 is providing outstanding customer experience using artificial intelligence, Internet-connected devices, content marketing, influencer marketing, live streaming, video marketing and augmented reality. The Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 are focused on the Customer – He is the King! For this article, I interviewed some of the best social media and digital marketing experts and influencers from the UK, California, Puerto Rico and Australia. They are amazing people, always willing to share their expertise with other people. In this article, Sam Hurley, the founder of the Digital Marketing Hub OPTIM-EYEZ, shares […]

Digital Marketing Trends for 2018 – Customer is the King

Facebook Live is great for small businesses, as you don’t need a lot of expensive equipment to set it up. You can stream on Facebook Live using the camera in a smartphone. The other benefit is that because Facebook is pushing the service, it pushes the streaming videos to the top of your audience’s Newsfeed while they are still live. That’s something you usually need to pay for in terms of an ad or a boosted post. One of the things that are most difficult to produce as a small business is content for social media, but Facebook Live gives […]

How to Use Facebook Live to Build Your Brand or ...

Visuals are everything. You may agree or disagree but it’s true, isn’t it? Simply observe the culture right now. We love seeing images and videos – whether it’s us in the photo or just another ‘satisfying video’ on YouTube. We can’t help but look at and watch them. And what catches our attention most are the types of visuals that are eye-catching. It’s true that visuals are just what you see on the outside and don’t reflect who the person really is or what the business stands for. But, think about this, a company can have the most awesome product but […]

Visual Branding for DIY Entrepreneurs

You wouldn’t go on a shopping spree if you didn’t know exactly how much money you had in the bank, so why evaluate your lead generation website without knowing how many actual sales leads it’s producing? If you’re relying solely on raw analytics to evaluate your site’s performance, you’re not getting the whole story. Nearly half of all website conversions are things other than sales leads — job applications, incomplete forms, customer service inquiries, and the like. Without lead validation as a critical component of your campaign, you’ll never be able to separate the true sales leads from those other […]

The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation In Internet Marketing

If you haven’t used Facebook Live before or you have used it on your mobile but you are looking for a solution to “Go Live” from your desktop, BeLive.Tv is worth trying. Carly Richards, a great business coach who wrote the guest post “Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Live“, is using it and shares her experience here. I remember my very first program launch. I had just started using Facebook Live for my business and had created a 5-day challenge in my group as my launch trigger for my next big coaching program.  Everything was going well, I had high sign up […]

BeLive.Tv Review

Like Sushmita Thakare Jain promised last time, today it is all about Social Media Rules for your favourite social media networks! Her blog posts are always full of useful information and this one contains some practical recommendations for social media in general and for the main six social networks in particular – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram. Since the list is too long, without wasting time let’s begin.   Rules for all social networks in General   Reply back to all comments as quickly as you can According to research conducted by Lithium Technologies, around 53 percent of […]

Social Media Rules for Your Favourite Social Media

Sushmita Thakare Jain, a successful business owner and blogger from India, who previously wrote “Eight Myths About Social Media Marketing“, shares with you The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Social Media. Learn about content creation, customer communications and personal branding.    Hello Readers, How are you all? Firstly, would like to thank you all for the response I received for my last Guest post on this lovely website hosted by Carmen. Today, I share with you the Cheat Sheet On Social Media! After reading the topic, you must be under the impression that this post must be about the Image sizes to […]

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Social Media

The power of visual content doesn’t just mean utilising more images. It means looking at all aspects of visual branding. Read this guest post by Matt Press, an experienced copywriter who has written words for some of the UK’s biggest brands, such as Sky, Three and Vodafone. He’s now on a mission to simplify SEO for businesses in London. As a copywriter, it pains me to say it, but pictures do speak a thousand words. Well, at least they do online, anyway. Here’s the situation: Most businesses know that content marketing is huge. Thanks to technology and the internet, customers […]

How Visual Content Can Transform Your Brand [And Your Bottom ...

More and more businesses started to use influencer marketing to promote their business but many of them don’t get the results they hope for because they don’t use the right influencers. Find out what is influencer marketing, how you can find your influencers, why you should include influencer marketing in your marketing strategy and much more.   Who are Your Influencers and How Can you Find Them? Sam Hurley – Influencer “A relevant, niche influencer can help your brand HEAPS if campaigns are highly targeted. There’s no point hiring an influential mechanic to promote pancakes, for instance!” affirmed Sam Hurley, #1 Most Influential Digital […]

What is Influencer Marketing and How to Find the Best ...

Social Media Management is hard work and I can understand why. You are a business owner, a sole entrepreneur or with a micro-business, who wants to focus on running his business. There are many like you. Social Media is usually left behind, in the land of “Maybe”. You know you should do it, but you don’t have time to focus on creating new content, writing tweets and posts, engaging with other people… Which, by the way, these “people” are your potential customers and business partners. Is this you? Do you recognise yourself? I’ve been talking with some amazing local business owners that […]

How to Manage Social Media Like a Pro

What do you know about Social Media and Social Media Marketing? Sushmita Thakare Jain, a successful business owner and blogger from India, explains in this post some of the Social Media Marketing Myths you may… or you may not have heard of.  What is Social Media? As per Wikipedia, Social media are computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. Social media is used by everybody, Correct? The reason for usage may differ like for example sometimes it is used to connect with friends & family while […]

Eight Myths About Social Media Marketing!

Using social media to drive brand engagement is nothing new. But how do you make sure your brand is keeping up with the evolving trends to survive in today’s competitive market? This blog post explores the social media trends that will dominate 2017. From virtual reality technology to the proliferation of artificial intelligence in the social sphere, these trends serve as a definitive guide to social media marketing. Keeping up with social media trends is not an option, it’s a must. In 2017, we predict that some of this past year’s trends will be reinvented as brands discover the power […]

Top 3 Social Media Trends That Will Change Your Business ...

This year couldn’t start any better. On 2nd of January, I found out that my Social Media Blog is Finalist of UK Blog Awards 2017, the most important contest of this type in the UK, and a few days ago Social Media Examiner published the list with 20 finalists for Top 10 Social Media Blogs 2017 and my blog is one of them. What is remarkable is that there have been hundreds of social media blogs nominated and mine was selected along with well-known worldwide blogs. This is absolutely amazing bearing in mind that I started blogging only five months […]

How I Became Finalist of UK Blog Awards and Top ...

Blogging will benefit your business in three ways: to have fresh and valuable content to share on social media, to help you build authority and for SEO. Frequently edited and updated sites receive higher ranking in search engines than those that have not been looked at by the owners for ages. The best thing you can do is to add a Blog to your website. My advice is to use WordPress. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Webspam team, said in one of his presentations that “WordPress takes care of 80-90% of SEO” (see slide 12). I would take his word, he knows what […]

Three Reasons Why Every Business Should Start Blogging

Facebook Live is a live video streaming service that lets anyone broadcast live videos from their mobile straight to their Facebook News Feed. Since its launch, it has been a major resource to online marketers and small businesses. This is an awesome way for small businesses to use the power of live video to communicate their brand stories and build authentic, intimate relationships with fans and followers. Guest Post by Carly Richards, a business and balance coach working with mums running their own businesses Facebook doesn’t like to mix business with pleasure so it doesn’t allow you to do business from your personal […]

Why Small Businesses Should Use Facebook Live

Increasing Brand Awareness must be in the centre of your Social Media Strategy. No matter who you are, where you are and what you sell, you must give a considerable attention to increasing your online brand awareness. Any business should have an online presence, this is not just for global companies. Even if you trade local, you still need a website with a map and a bit of activity on social media. Most importantly, make sure you have a corporate identity established for your online and not only for traditional marketing channels. Why You Need Online Corporate Identity Everything you do online represents your […]

10 Techniques You Need to Increase Brand Awareness on Social ...

If you want to be successful online, you must have a Social Media Strategy. Don’t let your prospects and current customers forget you. Be present along with their customer journey from the moment you build brand awareness to the entire buying process and after. When it comes to reaching a wider target audience, Social Media is the best marketing channel. In general terms, you can use social media to Increase Brand awareness Increase the public’s awareness about your products and services Interact, socialise, and build a stronger relationship with your clients Gain new customers while retaining existing ones too Provide […]

Six Steps to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

If you are new to online marketing or just want to learn more, these are the Digital Marketing Influencers you must follow on Twitter. They are experienced people that usually share useful information about social media, SEO, email marketing, blogging and much more. Some of them have their own business, published a few books and specialised articles on their blogs or on other publishing platforms. I follow all these great influencers (individuals and businesses) on Twitter and personally been in contact with some of them. They are great people, with many years of experience who know their job really well. There are many other influencers […]

Top 10 Digital Marketing Influencers to Follow on Twitter

Having a Facebook Page is not enough. You must use different techniques to make people visit and like your page, but also get them interested in your content so they can like, share and click on the web links included in the posts. Facebook Groups are very powerful to generate traffic and engagement, but make sure you find the right ones, be active and offer your support. Make other members interested in your Page and once they get there help them find your website easily. Here are 10 ways I use Facebook to increase web traffic and engagement. 1. Make Your […]

10 Ways to Use Facebook to Increase Web Traffic and ...

Social Media Marketing is the best way to promote your business and gain a large number of loyal customers. If you are a business owner, it is very important that you learn to market with social media. Here are a few tips I want to share with you. Be aware of the content that you put up when you are using social media to market your business. Posting an update on Twitter or Facebook can happen so quickly and effortlessly that you can fail to give much thought to it. Making spelling errors and sharing unreal information can make you […]

Get More Customers With Social Media Marketing

Thank you to everyone who voted Social Media Blog for UK Blog Awards 2017. I am in the Final 8 for the category “Pr, Media, Marketing And Communications” I had some amazing achievements in 2016 and I promise to offer you more useful social media tips in 2017. My vision is to create a well-known online learning hub where entrepreneurs, marketers, celebrities, and everyone interested in developing their social media skills will visit my blog to Learn from my blog posts, Read my Social Media eBooks, Attend my Free Social Media Online Course and other that will be added soon. Big plans […]

My Social Media Blog is Finalist of UK Blog Awards ...

Guest Post by Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO of Mavens & Moguls, a strategic-marketing consulting company based in multiple locations in the United States. The business is also present in Europe, Canada and Asia.   I got my first job in marketing in 1990 and back then marketing was mostly consisted of traditional print, television, radio and outdoor advertising. It was all expensive, so only big brands like car companies, airlines and major consumer products companies were able to afford it. Today there are so much more online options with social media and it does not have to cost a lot of money. […]

How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign on a ...

Social Media in 2017 is expected to be better than ever before, with many advanced technologies imported and adapted. From the research I made for my latest book published just before Christmas, the main two predictions for the next year are: Live Streaming  Virtual Reality 2017 is going to be the year when everything will go viral and social media will become more customer orientated. You must provide value, offer attractive content, share videos, live stream, and even provide Virtual Reality experiences. Live Streaming Videos and live streaming will dominate Social Media in 2017. Analyse your own social media accounts and you will […]

Top 2 Social Media Trends for 2017 – Live Streaming ...

My latest book “Social Media Trends for 2017: 25 Influencers & Social Media Experts from UK, USA, and Australia Shared Their Predictions” was released today, 21st December 2016, on Amazon. Available in Kindle Edition and Paperback.  “Social Media Trends for 2017″: Social Media Trends for 2017   Social Media keeps evolving, with the major platforms responding to the new technologies by bringing new and exciting features. 2017 is the year when everything goes viral and social media becomes more customer orientated. You must provide value, offer attractive content, share videos, live stream, and even provide Virtual Reality experiences. More brands will […]

Social Media Trends for 2017

Blogging for Business is a great way to show your expertise and build up your Expert profile. It will also help your SEO by providing fresh content regularly. Find out in this blog post why you should use WordPress, what plugins you need and how to choose the best hosting provider. I love WordPress. I tried and before but they didn’t offer me the same flexibility as WordPress and my blogs didn’t look professional either. With WordPress, I am able to change the themes whenever I want to and install the plugins I need easily, without too much hassle. […]

Blogging for Business

Social Media Marketing is one marketing channel where, if you are not an expert, you can learn as you go along. Study what other people do, learn from their experience, read eBooks, attend online courses and local events near you. Social Media is changing continuously and, if your business is on social media, you must keep up with the new changes and develop new skills all the time. There are some principles you must follow to achieve success. How to Choose the Right Platform? There are more than 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, so if your business is […]

Easy To Use Tips To Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Storytelling can bring excellent results to any business – small or large, in the food industry, fashion or any other industry. The best formula to achieve excellent results in business is to include Storytelling and Call to Action in the Social Media Marketing Strategy. We all have a story to share and this is what large companies have done for many years. If you check the Christmas advertising campaign of Coca-Cola, John Lewis, M&S and Sainsbury, they all have something in common – Storytelling. They follow a story that makes you watch the ad, they are not asking you to buy their products. […]

Storytelling on Social Media in 2017

Vote Social Media Blog for UK Blog Awards! On my Blog you will discover useful Social Media Tips, eBooks and Online Training to improve your Social Media Skills. Blog Overview In today’s market where 70% of the population is active on at least one social network, it is very important for your business to be where your ideal customers are. The majority small business owners don’t have money to employ a Social Media Specialist so most of the time it’s down to them to do social media, as well as running their business. Unfortunately, only some of them know how […]

Vote Social Media Blog for UK Blog Awards 2017!

Social Media Engagement is the key to a successful campaign and there are a few aspects that you should take into account when you create your Social Media Strategy and your content. The main goal of Social Media Marketing is to produce content that users will share with their social network to help a company increase brand exposure and broaden customer reach. It’s easier said than done, but, if you are new to all this, you have probably noticed that you shared what you thought it was good content without getting results. Social Media Engagement means interaction between people and brands on […]

How To Increase Social Media Engagement

Do you have a website to market a business or product? If you have one, it is crucial to use social media to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, engage with potential customers and make them trust you enough to consider buying your services or products. If you are active on social media and engage with your audience, but you still can’t see results, use these Five Techniques To Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing Strategy. Post RSS Feeds to Social Media Share your blog posts everywhere on social media. This helps to save time while gaining more exposure. You can either […]

5 Techniques To Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media can make or break a business so you must choose carefully where you want to be and how you want to present yourself. Social Media Marketing can be extremely effective if you used it right. It can make a huge difference in the amount of traffic your website gets, as well as finding new customers and engaging with the current ones. Assuming you already know who your ideal customers are and what social media is right for your business, now there are a few things you should think about. Branding Your username should reflect the company you represent, be easy […]

Social Media Marketing Ideas To Make Your Business Stand Out

How long do your visitors stay on your website? Everyone is looking for information and if your visitors can’t find what they need in less than a minute they will go away. You must write smart content to grab your visitors’ attention from the beginning. If you have an website or a blog, you should know that there are some guidelines on How to Write Powerful Content for The Web. If you follow them, you can make your text easy to read and also improve your SEO. 1. Think Like Your Readers  Know Your Audience. Who do you write the content for? Do you write for corporate […]

Top 5 Tips To Make People Read Your Content

With 450 million users reported in the second quarter of this year, LinkedIn is the best business-oriented social networking platform, great for professionals and B2B. Find out from this blog post how to use LinkedIn for Business. Create a professional and attractive LinkedIn Profile. Make your expertise clear in the headline, add a profile photo (people buy from people), include an interesting summary highlighting your experience and what problems your products or services are solving. Connect with new people every week. LinkedIn is a low volume with high value content network. Share relevant content minimum 2 x week and no more than 5 x […]

10 Steps To Use LinkedIn For Business

Find out how to create a Social Media friendly website, how you can optimise your website, why and how you can add Social Media Buttons to your website. Social Media is powerful if you use it properly and this requires more than just having accounts on various platforms. Is your website Social Media Friendly? Do you have Social Media buttons on your website to encourage sharing? Are your photos optimised?  These are just a few questions you must answer. 1. Use Keyword Rich Title  Why people should read your blog post or web page? Always use keyword rich titles to describe the […]

5 Steps to Create a Social Media Friendly Website

I am delighted to have supported the Digital Marketing Summit in Southampton, as their Social Media Partner. It was a fantastic event, with more than 130 attendees that learned about digital marketing, seo, paid media, social media, artificial intelligence and many more interesting subjects.   Second position in Twitter Trends After supporting the event managing their social media for a couple of weeks prior to the event, my last activity of to tweet live from this event. It was a great experience, and what I am proud, most of all, is that myself, with the help of other participants, managed […]

How To Get an Event Hashtag in Twitter Trends – ...

Social Media is one of the best marketing channels that every business should explore. It will help you build relationships, target prospects, for customer service, get media coverage, generate traffic and increase sales. There are more than 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, so if your business is not on social media you are missing a huge opportunity. To get the best results you have to make sure you choose the right platforms for your business. Determine which is the most relevant to your business and be excellent with one or two channels than mediocre at five or six. Who Are […]

Top 7 The Best Social Media Networks for Your Business

Digital Marketing Summit will bring the UK’s Leading Experts to Southampton, on Thursday, 27th October. 18 speakers will share their knowledge in social media, PPC, SEO, Web, Mobile, e_Commerce and more to other marketers and business owners attending the event, organised by Eventz.Digital in partnership with Google. There are 16 Key-note presentations and 4 Boot camp events planned at Digital Marketing Summit, as well as many networking opportunities with the event’s sponsors, partners, speakers and the other attendees. Follow @EventzDigital on Twitter and keep an eye on the event hashtag #dmsso16  The Agenda Digital Marketing Summit welcomes some of the greatest digital marketing experts in the UK. Tell Your […]

The UK’s Leading Digital Marketing Experts are coming to Southampton

If your business is on Twitter you must include Twitter Lists in your Social Media Strategy. This will help you engage with your customers successfully. You may have heard about Twitter Lists but you are not using them thinking it’s just a waste of time. Let me tell you that once you’re getting used to add people on regularly you will start getting results. Twitter lists will help you connect with the people you want and increase your Twitter effectiveness. The main role of Twitter Lists is that they help you see what the people that are important to you are tweeting about. You will […]

How To Use Twitter Lists to Engage Your Audience Successfully!

Let’s face it – people love stories. From those childhood memories of being soothed to sleep with tales of dragons and distant adventures, to the books we read during our spare time, and the television shows we can’t bear to miss – stories pervade every aspect of our life. Since our ancestors first began to scratch shapes into rocks and dirt, we’ve been sharing stories with each other as a way to elicit understanding and emotional connections. It only makes sense then, that this approach to marketing is likely to have a more robust, long-lasting approach than a list of […]

How Corporate Storytelling Creates A Connection Between Customers and Brands

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that your company should be on social media. Let’s face it, whether you like it or not, it’s hard to ignore the great power of social media. This digital world became a part of our everyday lives and if you use it to your advantage it can transform your business. With a little budget you can reach your clients through casual and fun advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising. The problem is, that all your competitors are also online. How can you stand out among them? What should you be doing differently? […]

How to Create a Successful Social Media Strategy

Zak Edwards’ drive, vision and compassion has pulled through tough times during the recession, as he has developed a multi-million business from the beginnings of a barely furnished, borrowed office with not even a phone to hand, to the vibrant, fun and successful company that it is today. He is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube to promote the products and engage with the customers, but Zak said Twitter is one of his favourite social networks because it helps connecting with other brands and influencers. Based in a rural farm-house, their offices are much like a home, with a relaxed atmosphere where they […]

A Successful Business Starts with an Open-Minded Leader

With more than 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, Social Media is a Powerful Marketing Channel that shouldn’t be ignored. Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter remain the most important social media networks that will help you promote your business and engage with your customers. Make sure you add value to your content by giving free recommendation. Find out what are the main issues in your field and come up with solutions. Social media users are more interested in reading about this than seeing your Buy Now posts. Rebecca Burn-Callander, Enterprise Editor for The Telegraph, published an interesting article after she talked with four entrepreneurs about their […]

The Social Media Power Trio – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter

Today I start a series of Interviews with UK entrepreneurs or businesses that have just entered to the UK market and I have the pleasure to start with the most unique business in men’s fashion industry – ÔSingulier(S), a startup that offers men the opportunity to customise the shoes of their dreams. Thomas De Toledo, one of the business’ founders, is taking you through his business journey. Find out more about ÔSingulier(S), his achievements so far and ambitious goals, what social media networks he is using and what motivates and inspires him. He also gives you some useful advices that he would have liked to receive when he started the business. Who is […]

The Journey to a Successful Entrepreneur

Creating “Buyer Personas” is the key to a Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign. You have to understand who are your customers, what are their needs and where are they searching for information. This will help you tailor your messages to the right audience. To have a successful campaign it is essential to have a clear vision of who you are talking to and what will resonate with them. Once you know this, then you will be able to choose the right social media to target your potential customers. “Buyer Personas“ are fictional, generalised representations of your ideal customers. They help you […]

Create “Buyer Personas” for Social Media Marketing

Twitter is all about sharing useful information and networking but with 9,000 tweets per second how are you going to stand out of the crowd? Some people may say that it’s easy to manage a Business Twitter account and write some tweets about your business but Twitter is more than this – you have to make sure your profile reflects your expertise, is unique and attractive and that the content you tweet and retweet is valuable, engaging and easy to be found. Your Profile = Your Business Card on Twitter If you already have a Twitter account, check out your […]

How to Stand Out of the Crowd on Twitter

Business Storytelling 2
We are living in a world where cold calling and self promotion are no longer working and we need to find new ways to promote your business and attract customers. I am sure majority of you are like me – switching the TV channels when there is an Advert but watching a documentary when they present an interesting story. Storytelling is the new way of PR, marketing, selling and public speaking. Successful business people are sharing stories and I think Richard Branson is the best example. He has challenged himself with many record breaking adventures, including the fastest ever Atlantic Ocean crossing, a […]

Storytelling, A New Trend in Business

Twitter 2
Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram… there are so many social networks that you can use to engage with your customers and promote your brand but you can end up spending hours tweeting, sharing, liking and following others instead of focusing on your business. And this is crucial especially if you are a self-published author, a self employed freelancer or a one band band entrepreneur for a limited company. These are my Top 5  the Best Social Media Management Applications I am using at the moment. Some frequently, some occasionally. 1. HootSuite  HootSuite is the world’s most popular social media management app and […]

Top 5 The Best Social Media Management Applications

10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account: Become a Twitter Expert 1
My eBook ’10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account: Become a Twitter Expert’ was ranked #1  in ‘Social Networks’ and #3 in ‘E-Commerce’ in Top 100 Free. This eBook is based on countless hours of research and my personal experience in helping a brand new Twitter account for a start-up business to attract 1,000 followers in less than 30 days. If you want to learn how to grow your followers from 0 to 1,000, with 80% of them from your niche market, Download this eBook Today when it’s still free.  

10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account – Best seller ...

This new eBook will show you how a tweet can improve your business Do you have a small business and you don’t know where to promote it for free? Go on Twitter. This social media platform can seem challenging for new users but help has arrived in the form of a new eBook from Carmen Lascu: 10 Steps to Master Your Twitter Account: How to Become a Twitter Expert. This do-it-yourself guide will help readers better understand the platform and how they can use it to strengthen and expand their brand. With more than 320 million monthly active users, Twitter is […]

New eBook Released on Amazon – 10 Steps to Master ...

There are 9,000 tweets per second. The key question is how do you stand out? Use hashtags! Don’t you know what they are? Hashtags are keywords with  ‘#’ in front of them. When you add a ‘#’ in front of a word (or acronym) on Twitter – a link is automatically created. This is called a hashtag. When you click on the link, you will see all the latest tweets containing that hashtag. Hashtags are a way of categorising your content, allowing it to be easily discovered by people searching for content on that topic. According to Dan Zarella from HubSpot, Tweets that contain […]

How Do Hashtags Work

Content is the King, especially on Twitter where you only have 140 characters to deliver your message. Before you write a tweet, ask yourself what kind of information your audience wants to see. Here are some suggestions: Learn the types of content that appeal to and engage your followers. Provide value with weekly or daily tips relevant to your audience and potential customers. Review a product you have tried (related to your market). This type of content provides value to your followers. Sharing a review builds your reputation as someone who is knowledgeable and is a helpful resource too. Highlight […]

Tweet Content Ideas

Make the best first impression on Twitter. Don’t leave the bio section blank. Explain who you are and what you do. “Sell” yourself. Treat it as a business card. Your profile should be succinct and engaging. A good Twitter profile is crucial for attracting, maintaining and retaining followers. This is the landing page which can determine others if you are worth following you or not. Make sure you transmit the correct message about your business. Be optimistic and positive, no one will be interested in you if you have a boring profile. Keep it professional but attractive in the same time. You […]

Stand Out Of The Crowd With A Powerful Biography

Goal Setting
“People who have goals succeed because they know where they’re going. It’s that simple.” ― Earl Nightingale, How to Completely Change Your Life in 30 Seconds When you set up your goals think what impact your goals are going to make in your life. If you want money,  10% increase in your income won’t bring massive changes. Think big. Aim for millions and believe that opportunities will be created to help you reach your goals. Find goals that will change your life and breakdown your goals in small milestones. If £1.000.000 is what you want, aim to celebrate the first £100.000 you get, then […]

Goal Setting Is The Key To Success