How to Create a Successful Social Media Campaign on a Budget

Guest Post by Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO of Mavens & Moguls, a strategic-marketing consulting company based in multiple locations in the United States. The business is also present in Europe, Canada and Asia.  

I got my first job in marketing in 1990 and back then marketing was mostly consisted of traditional print, television, radio and outdoor advertising. It was all expensive, so only big brands like car companies, airlines and major consumer products companies were able to afford it. Today there are so much more online options with social media and it does not have to cost a lot of money.

Here are my top tips to get the most out of online marketing and get the most bang for your social media buck:

1)  Make sure your profiles tell a consistent story —  when you try to be cool/a partier on Facebook/Instagram and very buttoned up on LinkedIn, it may raise a question as to who you really are. Authenticity is key – personally and professionally.

2)  You can fool some of the people some of the time but it does catch up with you eventually both online & off. If we know people in common and you do not get glowing back channel reviews or you should be connected to people you are not I will ask and there is usually a story. For example, I know a marketing guy who based on his work experience should know several people he is not linked with and when I asked them about him they said he was awful, and, when I brought up their names in conversation, he seemed very uncomfortable, so he knew I had his number.     Let’s just say he has bounced around a lot and it is clear who did not do proper due diligence on him before making a hiring mistake.

3) If you start a blog then post on it regularly.  People do not realise they do more damage than good and dilute their brand when they come out of the blocks strong and then, within a short time period, taper off and lose interest. Use your platform to build your following and be a brand people can depend on.

4)  You do not need to be on every social media site but be strong on the ones you are on.  Being invisible online is a very bad strategy. You must exist online today to be taken seriously.

5)  Leverage Digital Marketing – I think most sites are mobile friendly now but I predict they will be optimised for a better mobile experience going forward with more personalization in 2017. I also predict there will be stronger cross-device optimisation with the majority using the internet across multi-platforms today. Businesses and organisations will continue to invest more in online and digital marketing to stay current with these trends at the expense of more traditional media like print, etc. I predict Gen Xers and Baby Boomers will cut back time spent on Facebook and Twitter with Trump as President. I think post-election people have fake news fatigue and feel they have wasted too much time on these sites which suck their energy and make them feel depressed. What got him elected will not keep people engaged, now he needs to deliver on his promises and execute his plans. Everything else is a distraction.

6)  Utilise Content Marketing -I also predict Content Marketing will grow in importance with the quality gap growing as well so that good/relevant content leveraging influencer marketing strategies will be more important than ever.  If you know your subject well and can tell compelling stories then you will build your brand and following using Social Media and Content Marketing in 2017, this is your year!  The good will get better and the bad will be ignored.  People are getting savvier to fake news and things that waste their time so be a brand they trust and follow.

7) Finally, I believe there will be more integration between online & offline marketing breaking down marketing silos inside organisations.  The brands that will grow and win in 2017 get this.  I think that people do not read anymore so there will be more video than ever before.  It grabs attention and makes the point better than text when done well.  I think what we saw on Cyber Monday will continue, mobile will dominate going forward.  Sales in store on Black Friday paled in comparison and I believe this trend will only get stronger in the new year so make sure you have a mobile strategy to compete.

As you can see these ideas do not require big budgets, but they do take time. It is a smart investment to get this right.  When social media goes poorly the results can be costly, so do your homework and invest the time needed to get it right and you will command tremendous influence.

If you pay attention to trends in real time you can capitalise on them using social media and low-cost tools to command the attention of the world! It is not about having the biggest budgets anymore, it is about being smart and resourceful!  What are you waiting for?

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