5 Techniques To Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

Do you have a website to market a business or product? If you have one, it is crucial to use social media to drive traffic to your website, increase brand awareness, engage with potential customers and make them trust you enough to consider buying your services or products.

If you are active on social media and engage with your audience, but you still can’t see results, use these Five Techniques To Kickstart Your Social Media Marketing Strategy.

  1. Post RSS Feeds to Social Media

Share your blog posts everywhere on social media. This helps to save time while gaining more exposure. You can either do this manually every time you add a new post or use an app to read your blog’s RSS feed. First you need to create a RSS Feed and there are many apps to help you do this. This is a quick and easy way to do it.

There are many apps that read RSS but I will mention just three of them that I am using or I have used.

HootSuite allows you to add RSS feeds to your account to update your social networks when new posts are available from your own blog as well as others. You can use HootSuite for Free for up to five social profiles, or go with a Pro plan for more social networks and better features. Get your FREE Hootsuite Pro 30-day trial.

If you use Buffer’s paid package, you can add RSS feeds into the dashboard so you can add your posts to the queue of content to share on your connected social media accounts. You can add up to 15 feeds.

Before I upgraded my Buffer account, I used Dlvr.it for a while after twitterfeed.com had shut down. Dlvr allows you to add your blog feed to auto-post your new content on your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+ accounts.  You can Get started for Free: Share to 3 Social Networks from up to 5 Feeds or Sites.

  1. Try Social Media Advertising

Social Media is an extremely powerful tool and a lot cheaper than most advertising channels. Besides being fairly economical, the viewers of these ads are already known to be members of your targeted audience. Some of the people you target may have heard of you already. I will write a separate blog post on social media advertising so I won’t go too much into this subject here. In the meantime you can read this Social Media Advertising: The Complete Guide from HootSuite.

Check out this video from Localsphere Digital Media to find out How Social Media Advertising Works

  1. Host a Twitter Chatsocial media chat

Hosting a Twitter Chat is a fantastic way to gain more interest in your services and products through social media. This is a great way to get new followers and give you a reputation as an authority in your niche.

A Twitter chat is where a group of Twitter users meet at a pre-determined time to discuss a certain topic, using a designated hashtag (#) for each tweet contributed. A host or moderator will pose questions (designated with Q1, Q2…) to prompt responses from participants (using A1, A2…) and encourage interaction among the group. Chats typically last an hour.

Imagine a business networking event—but without a dress code and with a keyboard instead of a bar. The same social customs apply—courtesy and respect—and it’s a great way to meet new people with similar interests. There are Twitter chats in almost every industry imaginable – said Nicolle Miller for Buffer.

If you are not ready yet to host a Twitter chat, check out what chats are relevant to your business so you can join in to share your expertise.

  1. Organise a Facebook contest

Run a contest or raffle through your Facebook presence where individuals can win something, either over the Internet or in real life. You can give your company’s products away as prizes or even arrange to have other partners to offer them.

In this way get increased visibility and offer something in return to your followers and subscribers which is always appreciated.

  1. Install Plugins and Widgets

Plugins are bits of software that can be uploaded to extend and expand the functionality of your website. You can add a wide range of functions, from adding features like social media sharing buttons and contact forms, to more technical stuff like security or search engine optimisation. You name it, there is a plugin for it! Some plugins are free and others you will need to pay for.

Add Social Media buttons on every page of your website to facilitate sharing. I use AddToAny Share Buttons on each post and page, as well as SumoMe on the left side of the screen. I have also installed Pinterest Image Pinner From Collective Bias to add Pin this to all post images.

Social network widgets are great tools to improve your marketing potential. There are plenty. Search for a Twitter widget, Facebook widget and so on in your Add New Plugin and choose what you need. If you place a widget on your website, others can see the content you post on social media and quickly retweet / share your content instead of having to visit another page to do it.

If your Social Media Marketing Strategy doesn’t work, make sure you try these 5 techniques mentioned above.


Disclosure: HootSuite is an affiliate link, which means that if you visit this website through this link and purchase this product, I’ll get a commission. Don’t worry–the price is still the same for you!

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