Social Media Trends for 2017

Social Media Trends for 2017

My latest book “Social Media Trends for 2017: 25 Influencers & Social Media Experts from UK, USA, and Australia Shared Their Predictions” was released today, 21st December 2016, on Amazon. Available in Kindle Edition and Paperback. 

Social Media Trends for 2017″:

Social Media Trends for 2017


Social Media keeps evolving, with the major platforms responding to the new technologies by bringing new and exciting features.

2017 is the year when everything goes viral and social media becomes more customer orientated. You must provide value, offer attractive content, share videos, live stream, and even provide Virtual Reality experiences.

More brands will begin to adopt Virtual & Augmented Reality in 2017 and in the next 5 years and live streaming will continue to explode as technology advances.

Artificial intelligence, particularly in the realm of chatbots, is another interesting trend that will grow in 2017.

Storytelling is going to be bigger than ever before and Video Stories are the way to go forward. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook embraced this trend more than any other social network.

Follow the Social Media Trends and do it properly to achieve results!

The customers must be the purpose of every action businesses will take on social media. No more hard selling. Inbound marketing increases in popularity and followers.

The number of social media users increases every year and businesses started to understand that social media must be part of their marketing strategy. 2017 is bringing some new and exciting trends that you must keep up with.

My latest book Social Media Trends for 2017″, just published on Amazon, shows you:

  • How Social Media Changed in 2016 and What to Expect in 2017?
  • Social Media Trends for 2017 – Predictions from 25 Influencers and Social Media Experts from UK, USA and Australia
  • Why You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • 6 Steps to Create a Social Media Marketing Strategy
  • 100 Social Media Tips.

Social Media Trends for 2017″:

Top 10 Social Media Trends for 2017

Some of the greatest influencers and Social Media Experts from UK, USA and Australia shared their predictions in the book “Social Media Trends for 2017″. Here are some of the trends expected to drive the future of Social Media in 2017.


1. Virtual & Augmented Reality

Virtual and Augmented Reality are the biggest buzzwords lately after the success of Pokemon Go, which could be said was a true milestone in the use of monetized AR. More brands will begin to adopt these technologies in 2017 and over the next 5 years, I predict a large shift in uptake.

Sam Hurley – Social Media Influencer,

Business owner of Optim-Eyez, Leicestershire, UK

2. Video

Become a film director! More smart phone short films sharing big powerful messages like global news channels or press releases.

Kaz Aston – Social Media Influencer,

Business owner of W1 PR, MS Campaigner, London, UK 

 3. Live Streaming

Live Streaming will EXPLODE but the quality of the content may not be that good. Split Screen options will become more readily available from your PC allowing for stronger content and better production values.

Keith Keller – Global Twitter Marketing Specialist,

Business owner of Global Social Media Coaching, Melbourne, Australia

4 Customer Service

Brands will understand the value of Social Media and the long-term ROI. On the other hand, more and better Customer Service  will be provided via Social Media.

Lori Moreno – Social Media Influencer,

Business owner of AmbassadorsVIP, Florida, US

 5. Chat bots

With automation and chatbots on the front line, 2017 and beyond will present a unique opportunity for customer service reps to step into a more strategic role. Instead of answering calls or chats, there’s a real opportunity to become proactive with customer over social media.

Matt Wilbanks – Business owner HelpSocial, Texas, US

6. All About Facebook

In 2017 Facebook, will further dominate the social media landscape by being the first to innovate but also cloning and improving ideas from the other networks. Facebook will expand the new shop section on Pages to include a buy button allowing visitors to purchase products and services without leaving Facebook, will revamp the Groups and maybe launch their own… Spectacles. 

Jonathan Pollinger – Social Media Trainer, Business Owner of Intranet Future, Cardiff, Wales, UK

7. Paid Advertising

Facebook/Twitter and LinkedIn ads (especially Facebook) will become more specialized in targeting. Before most businesses were doing broad targeting but in 2017, to better allocate funds, more niche and specific targeting will be used.

Samantha Strazanac, Business owner of Strazanac Solutions, North Carolina, US

8. New Social Network for VR?

A new social network will launch that is built for wearable technologies (like watches, VR), capturing the coveted attention of younger demographics.  When you look at the market for wearable (just starting out, technology still being developed) and the progression of social media channels (that follow the development of technology) you can see a connection. 

Bob Clary – Director, Online Engagement, for Intellibright, Texas, US

9. SnapChat Will Become More Commercial

With the increased usage, and SnapChat’s popularity among millennials, companies can target even more local events, businesses, locations to tailor the niche markets and locations. Businesses can advertise to users in the form of short video or image snippets in between their friend’s ‘snaps’ or short snippet clips that they send and view. This can be powerful in finding new ways to get the attention of an audience being located near your business.

Nathan Barber – Digital Analyst for digitaladvertisingWorks™, Sydney, Australia

10. Valuable Data

Data from other sources outside of social media will become extremely valuable as brands start to target their audience more accurately. The recent partnership between WPP and Spotify is a prime example. 

Jessica Hodkinson – Editor and strategist at King Content, Sydney, Australia 

My Top 3 Predictions

Based on the events that happened on 2016, and the statistics I studied for this book, my Top 3 Predictions are:

  1. Videos and live streaming will dominate Social Media in 2017
  2. Virtual Reality go Social and Facebook is the leader for this
  3. Better Customer Service with and without Chat bots

Where you can find the book “Social Media Trends for 2017”


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Amazon UK

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Paperback Format

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Social Media Trends for 2017: 25 Influencers and Social Media Experts from UK, USA, and Australia Shared Their Predictions

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